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Choosing the person that you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us makes,


Because when it's wrong, it turns your life to grey. And sometimes ... Sometimes you don't even notice until you wake up one morning and realize years have gone by.

We both know about that one.

Your presence has brought glorious technicolor to my life. It's been there even in the darkest times. And I am the luckiest person alive for that gift.

I hope I didn't take it for granted.

I think maybe I did. Because sometimes you don't see that the best thing that's ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose.

But that's fine too.

It really is.

Because I've realized that ... no matter where you are or what you're doing or who you're with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely, love you.

... like a brother loves a sister, and a friend loves a friend.

I'll always stand guard over your dreams. No matter how weird or twisted they get.

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