Like Nothing Happens

Rumah Sejuta Martabak Empty Room

👩: If you had to marry the last person you kissed would you be happy?
👱: Why wouldn’t I?

👩: Do you believe in aliens?
👱: I do?
👩: Why.
👱: Because I believe in you.

👩: Say something nice about yourself.
👱: I am nice.

👩: Name one thing you can’t live without.
👱: Air.
👩: Not me?
👱: You? I can live without you.
👩: Wha…
👱: …unwell.

👩: Tell me 3 mistakes in your life.
👱: First, I trust easily. Second, I care for everyone. And third, I don’t cheat.

👩: What is the definition of best friend for you?
👱: A best friend is someone who listens to your bullshit, tells you that it is bullshit, and listens some more.
👩: Do you have one?
👱: Definitely no.

👩: If you could have one superpower, what would you pick?
👱: Being multitasking.
👩: Interesting. Explain that.
👱: I want to be multitasking so that I can listen, ignore, and forget at the same time.
👩: Who hurts you?
👱: My own expectations, actually.

👩: Tell me the best quote you remember right now, and you believe it’s true.
👱: “Sometimes the love your life comes after the mistakes of your life.”
👩: And do you believe that?
👱: We’ll see.

👩: If you could bring back one dead musician, who would you pick?
👱: Really?
👩: Just answer the question.
👱: Chester Bennington.

👩: A gun to your head and you had one phone call. If they answer, you die. If they don’t, you’re free. Who will you call?
👱: No one. Just let me die.
👩: Why?
👱: I have no one to call.

👩: If one day, I had an accident and I lost my memory, how are you going to make me remember you?
👱: I will just live the rest of my life with you like nothing happens.





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