Birds Sing in the Mornings

Rumah Sejuta Martabak Backyard

👩: Name one thing more valuable than money.
👱: Time.

👩: If your EX texts you, “I love you. I want you back.” How will you reply?
👱: “This is his wife.”

👩: Mention one thing that destroys a relationship.
👱: Lies. Lie to people who love you and play with their feelings. Those bad things break the hearts of good people, forever.

👩: You and your EX alone in a room for hours. What will happen?
👱: World War III.

👩: Drop the most painful words that someone has told you.
👱: “I love you. I really do, but I have to marry him.”

👩: If you see your EX falling down, what will you do?
👱: Record her.

👩: In one word, describe how you feel right now. No explanation, just one word.
👱: Dead.

👩: Three words better than “I love you”?
👱: “I trust you.”
👩: Why?
👱: Because it’s hard to do. You can love someone but not trust them.

👩: Tell me the most valuable lesson that you have learned.
👱: Well. A hungry stomach, an empty pocket, and a broken heart. Those will teach you the most valuable lessons in life.

👩: Oh. By the way, do you know why birds sing in the mornings?
👱: Because they love it.
👩: Wrong.
👱: So?
👩: Because they don’t have to go to fucking work.
👱: OK.

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