Who I Am?

I am a writer of 5 anthology books who love to write random things on Twitter. Mostly about books—of course, gadgets, football, movies, and sometimes UFO.

I have so many ex-girlfriends; Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Kathryn Newton, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Oh, you don’t believe that? Me too!

I was born on January, 12th, 1994. Too young? Well, you look surprised as my Mom!

Live in Bandung, West Java.

My daily activities are… sometimes being silent, sometimes being silenced. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I am laughed at. Sometimes I play futsal, sometimes I eat martabak. Yeah, because life is a kind of sometimes.

As I've mentioned before, I am always excited about books, gadgets, football, movies, UFO, and—just sometimes, my exes.

I was a merchandise salesman at Makassar International Writers Festival 2015, event reporter at Makassar International Writers Festival 2018, Social Media Officer at Sale Stock Indonesia, and part-time Account Manager at Subiz Vietnam. Now, I am a Content Editor at Hashmeta Singapore.

I created a podcast named Blogger Podcast.

I am a regular fan of Manchester United and Ryan Giggs.

I like Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park's pieces of music. And twenty one pilots as well.

A big fan of Captain America: The First Avenger.

I can play guitar and play your heart too.

I have one more blog (deleted, sorry) that contains my feeling from my deepest heart. But, still, don’t be so serious. You’re not Batman!

I can be reached on Facebook or Instagram. If you would love to meet, I’ll appreciate that, but I’m busy enjoying my life. So ...

For relationship partnership, you can write an love letter email and send it to kenalan@nfirmansyah.com

See you!
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